Chasing Qualities

I recently came across a useful article for people of all athletic capacities to help identify true and realistic goals. After reading this article, I myself took a fresh look at my training style with my clients and with the development of the plan that I personally follow.

It is easy to think about fitness, athletic, and wellness goals and have a variety of plans to achieve different elements of fitness. You might think “Yes, I’d like to improve speed and core strength and balance, etc…”. But, to truly succeed in anything requires choosing a specific goal or two and working on accomplishing and improving upon that specific aspect. Even if the goal is something broad, you can look into what aspects will help you better reach that goal and specify your workout toward those components. This doesn’t mean you can’t change up your workouts– rather, it means that if you have a specific goal or two for that workout or the week of workouts, you should stick with it. And only after you begin to make progress in those areas, you can make adjustments for the following week or workout.

I have recently changed my layout and game plan for my goals to be more structured for what I want to work on each specific day. By taking the time to focus on my goals and the characteristics that will allow me to better attain the goals I have set, I find that I have increased motivation and am seeing tangible results. Previously, I would do more of mixing and matching of styles and only merely touch on these skills, thinking I was giving myself and my body adequate time to benefit from the work I was doing. But, in reality, I was only doing enough to convince myself I was gaining from it. I was not spending enough time to make real change and “master” that aspect of my training. With the recommendations mentioned in the article, the variety in workout is still there, but the daily focus is more specific and, therefore, has the potential to build a solid foundation for real progress.

I hope you find the article as insightful as I did. I look forward to seeing you in the gym. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have or schedule a meeting with me.