Squat Row

It is a great way to promote and improve posture and increase overall strength and power. This exercise will promote thoracic extension and glute/hip extension, while activating the core to stabilize the lumbar spine for maximum extension strength.


  • This exercise should be done with a cable column. You can use a rope or double grip bar/handle. 
  • Start in a squatting position. Stand up straight while using both hands to pull the weight to your chest.
  • As you stand, focus on pushing your chest out or extending your thoracic spine and drive up from your glutes.


  • For a more advanced version of this exercise– done to promote improved rotational stability– do a one arm squat row. For this version, start in the squat position with the weight in one hand.
  • As you stand, pull the weight to your chest.
  • Continue to focus on pushing your chest our or extending your thoracic spine.


  • For a final progression of this exercise, do a single leg squat or lunge as you pull with one arm. In this version, you will have one leg forward like in a lunge or single leg squat and the weight will be in the opposite hand.
  • As you stand and pull, bring the back knee up to your chest for full hip extension of the leg being pressed.