What is functional fitness? Functional fitness refers to exercises that require your muscles to work in coordination with one another. 

I don’t know how to use the functional room. What should I do? If you are wanting to learn how to make better use of our functional room and equipment, we have a variety of resources for you, like attending a functional fitness seminar, coming to the gym when there is a floor trainer scheduled, seeing one of our personal trainers on a one-on-one basis, attending a class, or checking out our Instagram @ontrackhealth for examples of the uses of the room. Still need more? Come to the front desk, and let us help you with what you are looking for.

I’m an older adult. What classes would you recommend for me? We understand that some of our classes are intended to have a faster pace than others, which can be intimidating to our older adult members. With this in mind, we designed and launched a new class called Balanced Body. If you are nervous about taking classes, we recommend that you start with this class as it was designed just for you. We also recommend any of our BodyBlast classes for those more experienced or more active older adults. With that said, all of our classes are scalable regardless of fitness level.

Can I put a lock on a locker? Any member is welcome to place a lock on a locker for the duration of their visit, but the lock must be removed before closing time. If you want to have a lock on a locker overnight, we charge a $10 monthly fee to hold the locker for you.

Are you a “runner’s gym”? While we offer coaching services for runners and triathletes and have some photos of our client’s accomplishments on our walls, we are not a runner’s gym. We are all about helping our members pursue their goals-- so, whether that is completing a marathon or triathalon, building personal strength or core stability, or preparing for skiing or hiking season (to name a few), we are for you, no matter what goal.



What insurance do you accept? We accept a variety of insurance plans, with some in-network and others out of network. To verify if we accept your insurance, it is best if you call us to verify the insurance plans we are currently accepting.

Do I need a referral to see a physical therapist? Not necessarily. In fact, most insurance plans do not require a referral from your primary care physician to see a physical therapist.

Medicare is the exception to the rule. For each new injury, a person with Medicare will need a new referral from their doctor. For ongoing injuries, a new referral will need to be obtain every 90 days.